Compelling Reasons to Hire an Electrician When Selling Your Home
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Compelling Reasons to Hire an Electrician When Selling Your Home

Selling your house comes with an array of responsibilities. From hiring an estate agent to increase your chances of finding viable home buyers to engaging in renovations that will exhibit your home in the best light, and even dealing with lawyers to ensure that all the paperwork is in order, it is easy to get overwhelmed with this process. Therefore, it is not surprising that some home sellers do not consider how beneficial an electrician can be in raising the value of their property. First off, an electrician can future-proof your residence by installing tech enhancements such as USB ports, smart locks and a variety of home automation systems. Moreover, an electrician can install a generator, which guarantees home buyers they will not be at risk of disrupted power supply. Check out this blog for further reasons to hire an electrician when selling your home.


Compelling Reasons to Hire an Electrician When Selling Your Home

Why Have an Electrical Installation Condition Report After Buying a Fixer-Upper?

Gregory Curtis

If you've recently bought a fixer-upper property to renovate, then you'll have to plan out your schedule and scope of work. Before you start, it pays to ask an electrician to run an electrical installation condition (EIC) report on the property. Why is this a good thing to do?

Find Out If Your Electrics Are Safe

The lights and plugs in your new property might work; however, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are safe or fit for purpose. If you've bought an old and neglected property, then you might suspect that the electrics aren't up to scratch. However, even newer houses can have hidden electrical faults and problems.

You should get a clear idea of the state of your electrics before you start any renovation work. If you'll get started quickly and will use the home's sockets to power tools, equipment and machines, then you need to know that your system can cope with this load. It needs to be safe to use.

If you commission an EIC report, then you get an expert view of the condition of your electrics. You'll find out if your system has any faults, hazards or damage. You'll know if it is safe to use early in the renovation process.

Plan the Scope and Schedule of Your Electrical Work

While you need to strip out electrics in some fixer-uppers and install a whole new system, you won't need to do this for every property. In some cases, you might simply need to fix minor faults. Or, you might want to make upgrades to give the electrics the boost they need to deal with modern energy needs.

You won't know exactly what you need to do here if you aren't a qualified electrician. You'll also find it hard to know when to schedule electrical work into your renovation plans if you don't know the exact scope of work.

So, it makes sense to get an EIC report to see where you stand. Your electrician will list current and potential problems. They can talk to you about system capabilities. They can also recommend changes you might need to make to meet your renovation plans.

You'll get a better idea of the electrical work you need to do on the property. This helps you budget more accurately. It also makes it easier to plan where your electrical work will go in your renovation schedule.

To get started, contact electricians and ask about their residential EIC reports services.